Chain Link Fencing


Established in 2010, Goode Fence is the leading provider of fencing solutions and services throughout North and South Carolina. We offer fence installations, repairs, and rentals, all supported by an experienced team of customer service associates, technicians, fabrication specialists, and consultants. We know that there’s no one-size-fits-all fence, which is why we approach every fence project as a unique opportunity. Our team uses only the best materials and parts available, ensuring durability and design. Read on to learn more about our chain link fencing offerings.


Chain Link Fences


Simple and practical — chain link fences are the most economical option for homes, businesses, and temporary applications. All of our chain link fences are made using galvanized steel rails, posts, mesh and fittings, providing long-term durability and security at an affordable price. Chain link is available in optional black or green coating finishes along with standard silver finishes.


Goode Fence only stocks professional grade parts and materials. We fabricate all of our gates with welded corners fastened wire mesh connectors, which ensures superior protection and long-lasting durability.


As experienced chain link fencing contractors, we always consult with your HOA and HOA fence guidelines, and obtain all permits and licenses necessary to complete any job, preventing any delays or interruptions. We offer a variety of customizable sizes in residential, light, and heavy commercial grades depending on your specific security needs. If you can’t find exactly what you need, our in-house fabrication team can develop chain link fences and gates that fit your specifications.

Why Choose Goode Fence?


If you have been wondering “where can I find chain link fence contractors near me?”, Goode Fence is the solution for you. We invest in skilled personnel, high-quality tools, and cutting-edge technology to deliver consistent customer satisfaction. If you have any questions or want an estimate on chain link fences, please contact us today.