HOA Fence Guidelines and Rules


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HOA Fence Rules and Guidelines


Fencing plays a key role in security, comfort, and aesthetics, but many homeowners fail to consult with their homeowner’s association before beginning a new fencing project, which can potentially lead to problems and delay completion. As annoying as they may seem, HOA fence guidelines are designed to maintain standards throughout your neighborhood and improve property values. Although fences are designed for your security and home design, they also have an impact on neighbors and others within your community.


Specific guidelines can vary between communities, but when installing a new fence, keep in mind:


  • Height – Most HOAs set restrictions on fence height that often vary between front and back yards. Height concerns both aesthetics and visibility, but high fences can potentially pose a safety issue if they obstruct the view for drivers and pedestrians at intersections.

  • Resistance to wind and storms – High winds and heavy storms can turn certain fencing components into dangerous objects that can potentially hurt others and cause serious property damage, particularly for solid fences or fences with wide slats.

  • Views – In areas with scenic views, the HOA may prohibit fences that obstruct views, which may mean restrictions on fence height, location, and style.

  • Uniformity and design – Most HOA fence rules and guidelines are rooted in practicality, but some HOAs require properties to follow specific aesthetic styles to maintain uniformity throughout the neighborhood.


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